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Monday, September 3, 2012

New Meds

I talked in the prior posts about the neuropathic pain I've been having and how my doctors think it is related to my medication.  My psychiatrist appointment finally came and he didn't say anything about the Latuda causing it, even though I had talked to his nurse about it the week before and she said that it was.  I convinced him to change my medication and we decided to try Fanapt.  I had never heard of it so I did searches for reviews from people who had taken it and they were mixed.  The psychiatrist said they usually start you out on a titration pack but the company doesn't have any right now.  I started taking half a 6 mg pill twice a day and today went up to a whole 6 mg pill twice a day.

So far I've had a lot of trouble feeling drowsy as well as having problems sleeping, dry mouth, congestion, and back pain.  The back pain is different than the neuropathic pain I have (still).  I also feel weak, but I'm not sure that is from the medication.  I have been continually not doing much because of the pain and all of these side effects.  It's frustrating.  I did go to therapy last week.

I've been considering acupuncture treatments for the pain if changing my medication does not help.  There is someone in town that does treatments for $15 per visit.  I feel I've tried everything else.

I see the pain specialist this Tuesday, as well as my therapist.  Hopefully the pain specialist will have some answers from the blood work she did last time.  I got my EMG scheduled for Thursday by calling around and finding who could get me in the fastest.  I have to go to Des Moines, but it's better than waiting longer when no one wants to do anything until they get the results.  If the pain doesn't get better soon and the test shows I have neuropathy (and pretty much even if it doesn't) I would like to see a neurologist.

The problem with seeing any doctor right now is that we don't know what side effects the medication is causing and what is causing the pain.  Hopefully I will level off soon with the Fanapt.  I've been having problems with very irrational thoughts that I am unable to control since the med change.  With me just changing to the higher dose today, I don't know yet if that will help.  I guess we'll see.

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